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Sponge Cake 



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​About us

Taiba Company is one of the oldest trading companies specializing in the distribution and export of materials.... The first branch is the Northeast Africa region, which has the ISO certificate. The second branch: Europe, Germany We are proud of our long-standing track record of working with leaders and influencers from around the world. Taiba Sweet is proud to be a representative for the products of Polen Food, which has been based in Turkey for ten years. Polen Food was founded in 1997 according to quality and safety standards. Taiba Food is interested in exporting and distributing new and diverse foods under conditions that combine deliciousness, quality and health benefits. Through added value for the customer: We strive to provide all products in an innovative and innovative way through our qualified team according to the consumer's wants and needs The company's board is committed to keeping up with the latest materials and technology in food manufacturing to satisfy the consumer. Your dream of achieving customer satisfaction through online shopping has become a tangible reality, this is its meaning and you get everything new... but it is part of your extraordinary success story. ​ We are not the first, but we are the best and we work with love, sincerity and excellence.

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